Ronnie Pickering YouTube Video Recorder Wanted ?Social Justice?

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The Ronnie Pickering YouTube video uploaded earlier this week was watched by millions and has caused a stir on the internet. Even as many have already been enlightened on who is Ronnie Pickering after recent reports, the moped motorcycle rider said he still doesn?t know the guy.

?When he said ?Do you know who I am?? I thought he was going to say he is some sort of gangster,? moped rider Steve Middleton told Daily Mail. ? ?I don?t know of any gangsters in Hull. I still don?t know who Ronnie Pickering is- he?s just a bloke in a car.?

Middleton uploaded the viral video this week, making Pickering an internet sensation within hours. Many have found Pickering?s madness amusing. Netizens have taken interest in their conversation:

Pickering: You got a problem? Do you know who I am?

Middleton: ?Do I care? Come on then, who are you then?

Pickering: Ronnie Pickering!

Middleton: Who?

Pickering: Ronnie Pickering?

Middleton: Who the f*** is that?

Pickering: That?s Me!

Fight Against Bullies

Middleton said Pickering?s video is just one of the many road clips he has uploaded before, although, Pickering?s clip was the only one that went viral. Middleton said he usually records his trips and he uploaded Pickering?s clip for ?social justice?.

?I just felt bullied and I don?t like bullies,? Middleton said. ?I thought I would put it up on YouTube for a bit of social justice? I have travelled up and down the country. This sort of thing happens all over. It seems to me people are tense everywhere.?

The Bully Gets Bullied

It seems that Middleton was successful on punishing his bully as Pickering is now the one being bullied. Pickering is now widely mocked on the internet for his behavior and several Pickering mashup videos as well as memes have already surfaced online. Here are the best Pickering-related things in the internet (Thanks Mashable):

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