Ronda Rousey Vs Holly Holm Highlights: Blow By Blow Account Of UFC 193?s Main Event, Rousey Too Cocky?

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Holly Holm made the biggest upset in Ronda Rousey?s career at UFC 193 ? and we dissect what happened during the fight.

It was the very first loss for Rousey on a recent match against challenger Holly Holm from the recent UFC 193 pay-per-view match for the bantamweight title match. On the second round of the match Holm landed a vicious head-kick to Rousey, which knocked her out cold and was declared as a TKO, which made Holm the new bantamweight champion.

In an interview regarding on the winning kick, Holly Holm explained: “I have to say that everything that we worked on presented itself in the fight. Every kind of grab that she tried to get and clinch on the cage. I have not spent this much time in the gym before any fight in my life,”

Though treated as an underdog, Holm was one of the toughest challengers for Rousey?s bantamweight title, and this was proven at the match when Holm was so poised and had a great perfect strategy. Holm managed to dominate the first round with jabs and a series of oblique kicks to weaken Rousey?s lead leg. Holm also tries to avoid getting cornered in the cage which was a common mistake to some of Rousey?s previous opponents, Holm managed to hit a straight punch at Rousey, giving her a bloody nose and mouth. Though Rousey managed to do a takedown on Holm, but Holm was able to slip through an armbar hold attempt managed to get back on to her feet, this give Holm a lead on the first round.

But the second round was the best one for Holm, as she managed to stun Rousey in a scramble, as Rousey tried to stand up and turn towards Holm, Holm made a high left kick that stuck Rousey which caused her to crash to the mat, Holm made some follow up punch on the ground but the referee has stepped in to stop the match and a winner was declared.

The crowd erupted as Rousey was knocked out to the ground with just 59 seconds on the second round. This is the first loss for Ronda Rousey in her UFC career.

You can watch the winning moment at the video below:

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