Ronda Rousey vs Bethe Correia: Hostile UFC Weigh-In, Fights On Twitter

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UFC fans were hyped for the Ronda?Rousey and Bethe Correia bout after the latter aggressively yelled at Rousey?s face during their weigh-in for their fight this August 1 in Rio de Janeiro.

Ronda Rousey was unfazed by her opponent as she just stared at Correia. Earlier, she told everyone that she will remain undefeated throughout her career.

The hostile weigh-in sparked after Rousey declared to prolong their fight to ensure that Correia suffers. Everyone was excited to see Rousey deliver on her promise as?she is known for ending fights in less than two minutes. Rousey ended her recent three opponents in 96 seconds combined, Foxsports reported

?And if it goes any longer, it?s just because I?m punishing her more, and I?m not going to purposely not finish her if I see something,? Rousey said as reported by foxsports. ?But I could still drag it out and make the finish just a little bit more thorough.?

Correia Offended Rousey

Rousey made her statement after Correia verbally offended her by referencing the death of Rousey?s father.

?I will give her a rematch if she doesn?t cry too much. She can?t take the pressure. I will give her the chance to get the belt back. Please, don?t kill yourself, don?t commit suicide, because I will give you the rematch,? Correia told Combate in an interview

Rousey?s father decided to end his life by asphyxia to alleviate the suffering he had after being involved in an accident, a report said. Rousey then was only 8-years-old.

Rousey took on Twitter to express disdain over?Correia?s low-blow

Correia claimed that she was unaware of her father?s death and apologized.

Rousey however refused to accept her apology: ?Now the path that I chose in life is hurting those that I love, and I have to make sure that they never get hurt again,? she said in an interview. ?And so I have to make such a blatant example out of this chick that any girl that?s looking to get a fast track to a title shot decided that the way (Correia) went wasn?t worth it.?

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