Ronda Rousey As Captain Marvel A Done Deal? Comic Book Artist And Director Agrees!

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When Rounda Rousey expressed her intent to play as Captain Marvel for the standalone MCU film, it became a running joke online that she would make villains succumb to her martial arts skills in less than 34 seconds. And now someone from the film and comic industry has vied support for the actress to helm the role especially after numerous fan-arts of Ronda Rousey as Captain Marvel surfaced online.

?Everyone knows that she?s one of the only people that could play a superhero that could actually beat the s**t out of somebody,? Kevin Smith told TMZ.

For Smith, Rousey as a superhero is an obvious thing for?filmmakers. Rousey has defeated countless MMA fighters in under a minute. She has also broken the rib of the Expendables 3 director after she punched him to rid herself from nervousness while shooting the film. Do you still doubt Smith?s claims?

Surely, Smith knows what he?s talking about especially as he has already been a screenwriter, film producer, director, and a writer for comics. According to Foxsports, Smith is known for directing ?Clerks?, ?Mallrats? and for writing the script for the 1990?s ?Superman Lives?.

Smith agrees that these Rousey fan-art is also good enough for her to land the role.??You see her in that picture? Come on. You don?t even need to think at this point, there?s an image,? Smith said.

Should She Play The Role?

Playing as the star in Marvel?s blockbuster film is no small feat and Time thinks she is too inexperienced in acting for the role despite her appearance?in Fast and Furious 7 and Expendables 3.

Time wrote:

?Perhaps a proven action hero like Mad Max: Fury Road?s Charlize Theron, Battlestar Galactica?s Katee Sackhoff or Edge of Tomorrow?s Emily Blunt would make more sense.?

We also reported before that Emily Blunt was being eyed to portray Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel?so a Ronda Rousey Captain Marvel debut is largely unsure.

Rousey Really Wants The Role

People may differ in opinions if the famed undefeated UFC champion deserves to be a star of a Marvel movie. The only thing for certain is that she wants to star in the film as the star.

According to Comic Book, Rousey?s interest for the role sparked online after a Reddit user asked her which superhero she wanted to play.

?A lot of the good ones have been taken, but I?d like to vie for Miss Marvel!? Rousey however erroneously interchanged the name Ms. Marvel with Captain Marvel.

Rousey Lands Punches on The Big Screen

Do you agree with Smith that a Ronda Rousey as Captain Marvel movie should happen? If you want to see Rousey beat-up an actress?on the big screen, watch her Fast and Furious 7 behind the scenes below.

Michelle Rodriguez definitely enjoyed filming her scene with the actress and remarks that she could feel the force of her punches even if it didn?t land on her face.

Captain Marvel releases in theaters this 2018.

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