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Ronda Falls Off in Empire Season 3 Premiere; Fans Left Shocked

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Empire Season 3
Empire Season 3

Several Empire fans were left shocked to see Ronda fell off the balcony during the season 3 premiere. Twitter is filled with so many reactions from fans who still cannot believe that Kaitlin Doubleday?s character had to be the one to fall from the rooftop.

Many insist that they need closure for Ronda dying while some are mad that she was killed in such a way. Twitter user ?@duhgreatone expressed her sadness and questioned why it had to be Ronda. Another user, @Th1nOnlyAaron, said he is crying at how the show opted to not give Ronda a funeral.

Unsurprisingly, social media is now brimming with fascinating memes about the Ronda?s death in Empire season premiere. While the majority feel shocked and depressed about the death of a well-loved character, creative fans surely find a hilarious way to deal with it.

Despite the sad revelation from Empire season premiere, viewers? biggest question was answered. ?At the end of season two, fans are left wondering who between Ronda and Anika fell of the roof.

Rooftop Fight: Ronda vs. Anika

It can be recalled that in Empire Season 2 finale, the two women were fighting on the rooftop. Andre went upstairs only to see one of them fall over the edge. Viewers were left wondering who that person could be. It could only be Ronda or Anika who falls and dies.

Before the third season of Empire premieres, producer Ilene Chaiken teased fans that only one woman will survive the fight. Now it was just too devastating for fans to learn that it was Andre?s wife who was meant to die.

Ronda earned the love of many fans for her ruthless and driven personality. When her husband had a mental breakdown due to his disorder, Ronda never failed to show that she really cares.

Her death is expected to cause a huge impact in the life of Andre in the show?s upcoming episode. As Empire Season 3 progresses, viewers will see for themselves if it makes sense for Ronda to be the one to fall.

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