Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim To Quit her Job Permanently?

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The medical TV drama Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim will be back with another intriguing scene tonight, November 14, at 10 p.m. (Korean Standard Time) on SBS.

According to reports, scene 3 may start with an immediate conflict between Kang Dong-joo and Kim Sa-bu, a.k.a. Bu Yong-ju.

Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim Trailer

?Who are you really, Doctor? I asked you who you really were, Doctor?? Yoo Yeon-seok?s character asked his senior in the official program trailer. Thereafter, the show takes its viewers through a series of flashbacks uncovering the chief surgeon?s past.

The trailer likewise indicates agitated moments for the female lead as it shows Doctor Kim requesting her to leave her job permanently. He advises her: ?You don?t comprehend that? Make tracks in an opposite direction from that patient! I can?t depend a patient to a man who hurt herself. You have no privilege to be at this doctor’s facility.?

Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim

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According to the iTech Post, there is not much information on the Internet at the moment. However, a kiss scene and an accident, added by a sudden death, in the very first episode were quite nerve-wracking. Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim will air every Mondays and Tuesdays.

Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim: Choi Jin-Ho?s character

Choi Jin-ho?s character screams at the title saying: ?You will stay away forever to Geosan once more. You will never practice in Korea again. Since I will guarantee you never search for some sort of work in this field again!?

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The trailer video also revealed a conversation between the female lead and her junior doctor. ?Why did you come to Doldam Hospital? Why did you have to appear before me again? You are the one making things more complicated for me,? the lead said.

Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim replaced the hit historical series Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo. The Korean Drama said it will air until January 7 next year.

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