Rogue Legacy To Come In PS4, PS3, and PS Vita This July 29-30!

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Rogue Legacy fans, rejoice!

Rogue Legacy will be released in North America on July 29 and in Europe on July 30 for the PlayStation 4 (PS4), PlayStation 3 (PS3), and PlayStation Vita (PS Vita), plus it supports both cross-buy and cross-saves.

In the official announcement made by Teddy Lee, Game Designer from Cellar Door Games, he said, ?We?re crazy proud to announce that the official release date for Rogue Legacy on ALL Playstation platforms will be July 29th, 2014! That?s only 3 weeks away! That?s complete insanity, and we?re totes mcgoats excited to finally bring it to consoles and handhelds.?


For those who haven?t heard or played Rouge Legacy yet, here?s a brief description.

Rouge Legacy is rogue-lite game where you?ve got to conquer an ever changing magical castle. You must know that every time you die, you will be succeeded by your children who have their own unique genetic traits. And since there is succession, all the money you earn in your battles will be passed on to your children, giving each generation a leg up on the last.

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Rouge Legacy supports both cross buy and cross save. Plus, you?ll get the 101% content the PC version has including all of the content patches. The developer said that all the contents in the PC version were faithfully brought over to the PlayStation versions. This means, you?ll get all the extra Bonus zones, traits, and boss remixes jam packed into those sweet little bytes.

One good thing also is that, Rogue Legacy has been translated into ?many languages like English, Brazilian Portuguese, French, German, Polish, Russian, and Spanish.

In addition, Teddy Lee also said, ?When we originally made Rogue Legacy, we made it with the PS Vita buttons in mind. No joke. We gambled that if it did well, we wouldn?t want the Vita version being nerfed in the control department, so we made sure to not use too many buttons. That crazy gamble we made over a year ago paid off, and that means the Vita version plays perfectly! Happiness!?

For more information about Rouge Legacy, stay tuned with us!

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