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Rodea The Sky Soldier Review Round-up: Game Struggles To Impress Critics

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This underdog Wii U game is now available, but will this game help boost the popularity of Wii U or will it just help it get buried deeper?

Rodea The Sky Soldier was originally a Nintendo Wii game but it never made it outside of Japan, now gamers who waited long enough for the game to be localized, actually gets a localized port and is heading to both the Nintendo Wii U and 3DS. But is the game really that good for you to give it some proper notice? We listed out some reviews from gaming websites and see if this game deserves to be on your game library

Destructoid 7 out of 10

Rodea the Sky Soldier really hits that sweet spot when it comes to evoking the wonder of flight, but the troubled developmental process is tangible in the final build. For those of you who can stomach older experiences however, you’ll likely overlook some of its issues and find a lot to love.


Hardcore Gamer 3 out of 5

Fans have waited a long time for Rodea the Sky Soldier, but unfortunately the final experience never comes within range of Yuji Naka?s past masterpieces. The issues begin with the fundamental mechanics of flight and persist into its pacing, controls and stability, ultimately tainting even the most joyous moments of freedom afforded by Rodea?s affinity for the open air. There are moments of bliss that shine through the mess, but the pure celebration of flight that Prope set out to deliver on Wii has lost many of its most important features during the transition to Wii U, and in the end, Rodea the Sky Soldier fails to live up to its lofty ambitions.


Hey Poor Gamer 2.5 out of 5

As a huge fan of Yuji Naka?s work at Sega, I really wanted to like Rodea The Sky Soldier more than I did. Unfortunately, the nagging specter of a seemingly endless stint in development purgatory haunts Rodea?s experience from start to finish. While it?s great that Rodea is finally seeing the light of day, it?s a shame that more wasn?t done to optimize the game for Nintendo?s latest generation of hardware. The lack of remote and nunchuck controller support oftentimes makes Rodea feel almost unplayable on the Wii U, and while you can purchase the special edition now to get your mitts on the original Wii version of the game, it?s really disappointing to see Kadokawa Games seemingly arbitrarily omit such a feature that?s so obviously ingrained into the foundation of the experience. Even still, if you?re a particularly patient player who?s desperate for a new platformer on the Wii U and happen to be a big fan of NiGHTS and Sonic the Hedgehog, you might find some enjoyment in this unique airborne adventure. However, anyone else may want to steer clear of Rodea, as the game?s myriad technical missteps and overall lack of polish cement this one firmly on terra firma.

If you managed to land a copy of Rodea the Sky Soldier, what is your impression? Please do share your experience and game impression by sending a comment.

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