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Rockstar Games Gives GTA Players Independence Day Prizes

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Rockstar Games still continues to give Independence Day rewards to players of the online game, ?Grand Theft Auto? or popularly known by its initials, GTA. Rockstar started handing out rewards last Thursday and will end this Sunday.

In its Newswire page, Rockstar announced that, ?San Andreas will be celebrating the birthplace of freedom with big RP and GT$ bonuses, patriotic discounts at Ammu-Nation giveaways and lots more??

There’s?still plenty of giveaways and bonuses available even to latecomers.

GTA V online?still offers?75% discount on air strikes, a substantial discount on ammunition for mini-guns, grenade launchers and RPGs. Pegasus Lifestyle Management delivers for free. Players who participate in jobs listed in Independence playlist will double their RP and GTA$.

These new jobs will include certain races for some of the newest vehicles in GTA including the Liberator Monster Truck and Sovereign motorcycle.

A Snapmatic contest, #INDEPENDENCEDAY is currently being hosted by the GTA developer. Winners of the contest can win up to 1 Million GTA$ and a vanity license plate. The photo must show one?s love for one?s country in order to have a chance to win the prizes.

Gamers a can additionally?enter and win the giveaway sweepstakes. According to Rockstar, five sets of ?suitably patriotic and rare GTA gear? will be handed out. The various gears include a GTA themed beach ball, Statue of Happiness figure, foam finger, Patriot Beer cup and an aluminum bat. Those still interested to join the sweepstakes can sign up?here.

Gamers who would like to join the Grand Theft Auto online simply need a GTA V disc in order to gain access. GTA V is available on old platforms such?Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. In a few more months GTA V will be made available to the next generation platform like the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

An online version for the next gen platforms is expected. But Rockstar has not issued a statement on when will it be available. For more information and updates on Grand Theft Auto, please visit their website.

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