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Rockstar Games Applaud Fan-Made GTA V Trailer

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There are lots of movies that come from their successful video game counterparts. Although there are movies that were quite successful, some movies were not. That is why it is a tough decision to make movies out of video games as it will damage their reputation unless it is directed by Michael Bay and it will be known for their explosive plot.

GTA V, one of the most anticipated, open-world, role-playing video games, was a huge success after it was released back at September 2013. It generated $1 billion dollars in just 72 hours and went on to ship more than 33 million copies worldwide. With its booming reputation, fans demanded that ?a movie ?be made. Sadly, Rockstar Games is not into that kind of a thing.

But how far would fans go for a video game that they loved? What would GTA V look in real life? Check the video

After seeing this, Rockstar Games applauded some of the geniuses behind this awesome parody trailer. Though they are not sure if they will be doing a movie for the GTA series, they kind of enjoyed the trailer as it seems to be fun to watch.

The parody is a meticulous remake of the original trailer of GTA V, featuring appropriately clothed actors, same plot scenes, and similar camera angles. There are also CG featured videos that is used for the crashes, fire, and helicopter scenes. The original trailer of the GTA V was debuted back in 2012. It was brilliantly made and it caught the attention of Rockstar Games.

Rockstar Games posted on their twitter account, ?Awesome?.

Spanish Zapruder Pictures are the ones responsible for the awesome GTA V trailer and also created parody trailers of some of the popular video games today such as Call of Duty and Max Payne. You can also check out their Youtube channel and subscribe to some of their latest works. Several fan-made parodies are out today but sadly, it is not enough as it is not like ?having a real movie.




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