Rocket League Update 1.30 Live! Full Patch Notes For PS4, Xbox One, And PC

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Rocket League Update 1.30
Source: Rocket League – Announce Trailer | PS4 video

Recently, Psyonix rolled out the Rocket League update 1.30 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The new update brings fixes to the issues found in update 1.29. Here’s what we know about the Rocket League update 1.30.

Update 1.30

According to the official Rocket League site,  the new update 1.30 features fixes for issues found in update 1.29 which include some Hot Wheels tie-in content. The Ball Collision issue in update 1.29 has been fixed by reverting the collision code to the earlier version of the game. This fix has also been implemented in Rocket League’s online matches. This is a much needed fix considering that players need great ball control to shoot it toward the goal at angles that are near impossible to defend. 

Cosmetic Fixes

The Rocket League update 1.30 has also fixed some issues with Toppers and the Twin Mill III engine audio. Toppers, particularly the Cavalier, Mohawk, and Pixelated Shades, have also been fixed and now fit every Battle-Car. Meanwhile, the mismatched Twill Mill III engine audio issue on a Battle-Car has also been fixed. Players can now continue playing the game without worrying about these battle-car problems.

Rocket League So Far

Rocket League remains as a “high skill ceiling, high payoff” sport game. Players will have to drive and spin an RC car to dribble and shoot a ball to the goal. Simply moving the ball to the direction you want to go can be difficult considering the car’s speed and direction determines where the ball travels to. The cars can also jump and drive on walls to set shots or shoot at angles that are extremely difficult to defend. While the game looks difficult, it’s generally fun to try out what’s possible in its systems. 

Other Issues

Meanwhile, players on the game’s subreddit also mentioned some issues that weren’t discussed in the Rocket League update 1.30 patch notes. According to 2flyguy’s post, map collision was somehow changed after update 1.29, which could be a bug. However, a representative from Psyonix confirmed that the map collision was not changed, but he asked for some footage to prove it.

Lastly, Psyonix also confirmed that the FPS drops for some PS4 players. The developers are already fixing this issue and they promise that the fix will be included in the next update. Stay updated with more Rocket League news here on TheBitBag.

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