Rockband 4 Review: Simple And Enjoyable Rocking With Plastic Instruments

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Rockband 4 has now finally released on consoles after the last installment was released in 2010. Developer Harmonix has removed all the filler features and opted to provide a more refined experience, however, this is also a downside because the game doesn?t look different from past installments. Should fans and the un-initiated purchase the latest party game?


Rockband 4 looks and plays like the previous game as the developers chose to refine the game instead of revamping it.? Most of the newly added features in Rockband 3 has also been removed. The keyboard instrument and pro-guitar mode is no longer present. Several gameplay modes are also absent and gamers will have to content themselves with playing the game side-by-side with their bandmates.

The game makes up with this with a simple but enjoyable party gameplay which crafts an experience that ensures all members of the band enjoy rocking together. The guitars, drums, and vocals gameplay has also been improved for a smoother playing experience.

The best and most lauded feature in the latest game is the guitar freestyle solos. Here, no notes but ??only visual cues appear, giving users the power to create ?surprisingly cool? solos. Game Trailers notes that gamers can opt to disable the freestyle solos if they wish to play through the track normally.

Career Mode

A new career made called The Tour is claimed by critics to be the best career mode so far in the series. Getting more fans, purchasing, and unlocking new things such as costumes is said to be satisfying.

Players will travel from one place to another during career mode and players will feel like a real band as you will either get a pre-selected track to play or you?ll get to select your own choice of songs, and your band can even receive requests and encores, IGN stated in their review.

Gamer?s enjoyment with the Tour Mode however is hampered by a small song list which will result in you repetitively playing tracks. The 65-song-list is said to be the weakest songs in the Rockband series so far. This doesn?t necessarily mean that the songs are terrible as critics only mean that the song-list doesn?t feel like a ?great hits? package. This problem can be addressed by re-downloading your previous songs (if you have previous installments from the franchise) or buying new ones.


Those who will try to get into the series will be in a difficult proposition as the instrument bundle which includes the game is pricy at $249.99. However, fans and those who already have the instruments should definitely consider purchasing the game. If you loved the past games from Harmonix, then there?s no reason for you to miss out on Rockband 4 especially as it is one of the best games this October. However, if you?re looking for something drastically new and different, then this latest game might still not be for you.

Disclaimer: The writer based the article on reviews from various gaming websites, mostly from IGN?and GameSpot. The writer hasn?t laid his hands on the latest game, however, he has spent countless hours on Rockband 3.

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