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Free yourself from endless cleaning with these robot vacuums

Because we all could use a break from household chores!

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Photo: Tesvor

Best robot vacuum cleaners:

  • Narwal T10, 2-in-1 Robot Mop & Vacuum With Automatic Mop Cleaning Station
  • Winbot 880
  • Neato D10 Intelligent Robot Vacuum
  • Tesvor T8 Robot Vacuum
  • Deebot Ozmo N8

With kids and pets running in and out of your home, how many times have you wished that your house could clean itself? Of course, we can always pretend that dirt, fallen hair, specks of dust, and cobwebs don’t exist; but they only build up with time. Sometimes, they’re even big enough to be seen and to give us allergies.

With these smart vacuum cleaners, you won’t have to do all the work anymore. Free yourself from endless dusting while still keeping your house clean even on the busiest of days because these robots will get the job done faster without you having to lift a finger! 

Narwal T10 2-in-1 Robot Mop and Vacuum with Automatic Mop Cleaning Station

Photo: Narwal

Get more perks with the Narwal T10 2-in-1 Robot Mop and Vacuum with Automatic Mop Cleaning Station! This robot mop and vacuum in one is great for houses with a lot of hard floors because it effectively gets rid of wet spots and stains in no time! It doesn’t only pick up tiny solid particles but also wipes liquid spills. It keeps the floors squeaky clean with its built-in mop pads that rotate three times per second. The best part is that it’s self-cleaning, thanks to its very own cleaning station!

Winbot 880

Photo: Ecovacs

Speaking of multipurpose robot vacuum cleaners, the Winbot 880 isn’t just for your floors; but for your windows, too! As with the floor, you can optimize its navigation to clean every inch of your windows. Plus, it features a special cleaning system that ensures extra-thorough cleaning no matter what you use it for. 😉

Tesvor T8 Robot Vacuum

Photo: Tesvor

Be in complete control of the housecleaning with the Tesvor T8 Robot Vacuum! This robot appliance allows you to customize its cleaning direction, schedule, and habits with easy app control and Alexa and Google Home voice control!

You can also monitor its cleaning sessions and choose specific cleaning modes! The breakpoint cleaning mode automatically brings it back to its pause position after being fully charged prior to going back to cleaning; while the intelligent cleaning mode automatically prompts it to clean each room one by one. On the other hand, the directional cleaning mode will make it go anywhere you want it to clean.

Deebot Ozmo N8

Photo: Ecovacs

For multiple floor surfaces, get the Deebot Ozmo N8! This smart vacuum has adjustable settings for specific cleaning needs. It also detects carpets and avoids them when mopping hard floors, while automatically amping up its suction power when dealing with carpets. It even has a special mopping system that prevents leaks to avoid spreading them all over the place!