Robot Invasion: South Korea?s 13-Foot Avatar War Robot Is A War Machine

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Robot invasion is?definitely on the rise. From Gatebox?s newest virtual assistant that?evolves every time you interact with it, people now have robots that can fight wars for them. You heard that right, South Korea is developing the Avatar War Robot that will make every Pacific Rim fan?s dream come true.

Robot Invasion: From Movies to Reality

Korean Future Technology, a robotics company based in Seoul Korea, has recently accomplished the first test of its humongous human-like robot.

With its fancy name METHOD-1, the 13-foot tall robot walks like each of us. The only difference is, it?s making the ground shake. And this is no movie; this might actually be the future of war.

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According to Daily Mail, the robot was secretly developed for two years. And just like what everybody sees in the movies, even animes, the robot?s movement will solely depend on the actions of the pilot inside the control room.

Avatar War Robots

The control room, on the other hand, is located in the robot?s chest, again, replicating the war robots people usually see in movies. This Avatar War Machine is also definitely going to look familiar since this innovation was actually inspired by movies.

It?s also called Avatar War Machine because of the fact that it resembles the robots that appeared in Avatar. ?Even more, its designer, Vitaly Bulgarov, worked for movies such as Terminator Genisys, Transformers 4, and even Robocop.

So it?s literally from movies to reality. Just how amazing is that?

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Features of the Avatar War Machine

Vitaly Bulgarov revealed that the reason behind why the ground is shaking when METHOD-1 walks is because the robot is very heavy.

He shared that the final design for the robot will have carbon fibre as material for its legs. However, Bulgarov remained silent about the real reason behind the creation of the Avatar War Machine. He also said that METHOD-1 was really an ambitious project that needed development from mechanical to software to hardware. Even electric engineering.

Though Vitaly Bulgarov said less about the purpose, the METHOD-1 designer said that it is possible for this Avatar War Machine to be used in solving world problems. He also shared his excitement of giving people updates about the development of the robot.

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