Robot Invasion 2016: Humans Might Start Marrying Robots in 2050

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Robot Invasion

Robot Invasion is inevitable. Technology is rapidly emerging?both in a good way and in a bad way. And humans only have two choices: to go along with it, or go against it.

As technology grows, so do?the unstoppable innovations. Now there are?smartphones, which gave way?to the rise of virtual assistants. Just recently, Gatebox released an artificial intelligence that could act as a friend or as a company to humans in their lonely homes.

People has also seen humanoid robots that has been developed to project human expressions. Even answer questions without sounding robotic.

Robots are definitely on the rise. It won?t take long for humans to share the streets with humanoid robots, let alone, marry them.

Dr. David Levy?s theory about Human-Robot Marriage

In an event in London, Dr. David Levy, an Artificial Intelligence expert shares his thoughts about the chances of a Human-Robot Marriage. He says that it is likely for humans to be marrying robots in the year 2050.

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Though there?s still a clear distinction between humans and robots, soon enough, innovators will find a solution to the shortcomings of virtual assistants. Furthermore, robot interaction will soon be as effective as human interaction.

Robot Invasion

In Levy?s speech, he shared how humans are ?forced? to understand what it would be like when human-robot relationships occur. People are already quite aware that robots are already presently subjects to sexual intercourse.

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He explains that as soon as robots become convincingly human-like and develop the capability to effectively interact with humans, it wouldn?t be impossible for robots to act as companions.

Robot Invasion to ruin Sanctity of Marriage?

Because of this, Levy believes that humans are already facing the probability of human-robot marriage. He stated in his speech that with all the companies already creating robots for sex, it wouldn?t take long for these companies to develop robots capable of loving.

There had been previous discussions and conflicts when robots had started to take over the jobs of humans. Imagine the chaos that a human-robot marriage can bring once it finally happens.

Though most people freak out when the subject of Robot Invasion is being raised, they should understand that the decision will still rely on the choices of humans.

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