Robocop 2 Reboot Still On The Cards For Sony, Titled RoboCops? Will Be Co-Produced By China?

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Many assumed that the Robocop 2 reboot will no longer be made by Sony after the movie was criticized by critics and bombed at the US box office. Recent reports however surfaced saying Sony is still planning to push through with a Robocop sequel.

According to Den of Geek, an insider has told them that Sony hasn?t shut down plans for the sequel. ?Our sources confirmed that Sony hasn?t shut the project down, although it doesn?t appear to be a high priority,? the report said.

Chinese Co-Production?

Den of Geek speculates that Robocop 2 will be a Chinese co-production after the movie earned $50 million in the country. If this happens, the film would be partly set in China, the report said.

According to Cinemablend, the Robocop reboot bombed at the US Box office as it garnered a mere $58 million while the production was budgeted at $100 million. The film however was able to cope with low domestic showing by pulling in $242 million worldwide. The movie also earned an estimated $15 million from sales on home video, Cinemablend reported.


According to Movieweb, the sequel to Robocop was supposedly titled RoboCops and the film would revolve on ?an army of cyborgs as the human police force is completely replaced?. The report also said that Joel Kinnaman may reprise his role if the movie gets greenlit as the actor is signed to do multiple sequels.

Difference Of Reboot From Original Film

Are you interested for a RoboCop sequel? The reboot earned an average rating of 49% from critics on Rotten Tomatoes with the critics saying that the film failed to ?offer a significant improvement over the original.? The original Robocop movies were more violent and gruesome, a reason why the original films had a R-rating. Meanwhile, the reboot had a PG-13 rating. You can watch honest trailer?s Robocop video to see how largely bloody different the original films were.

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