ROBLOX Finally Comes To Android: Game Creation Platform Takes On Google’s Mobile OS After Conquering PC, Mac, and iOS

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ROBLOX for Android now available, joining players/game creators already enjoying it on iOS, Mac, and PC

ROBLOX for Android now available, joining players/game creators who are already enjoying it on iOS, Mac, and PC

One of the Internet?s largest user-generated game creation platforms, ROBLOX, has just released a mobile app of the same name for Android.

With the launch of the free-to-play ROBLOX app for Android, Roblox Corporation aims to expand its existing global user base of over 60 million players spread across iOS, Mac, and Windows PC. ROBLOX somehow reminds us of a Lego-world filled with block enviroments, characters and objects built by the players themselves. From young kids to teens, the ROBLOX world has become a destination where they can express their creativity and get to share it to other players around the world.

In a blog post published in the game’s official website, this is how their Communications Manager described the game:

“ROBLOX Mobile lets you explore the thousands of games created by builders and developers, trade messages with friends, customize your character, and more. When you play on Android, you even join the same games as your friends on Mac, PC, and iOS, so you can play anywhere, with everyone.”

This Android release opened up another door of opprtunity for amateur and professional developers alike to benefit from the platform?s ?Developer Exchange Program? where they can exchange the game?s virtual currency called ?Robux? for real cash. It works like this: if a player?s game gains more players, the more Robux that player can earn. In fact, a sibling tandem from Ireland previously received a hefty $ 19,000 payout for the ROBLOX game they created called ?Sword Fighting Tournament.?

The company behind this popular game creation platform is composed of around 120 employees; about 80 of them are located in San Mateo, CA. Their Developer Exchange Program has already paid out over $315,000 to game creators to date. The success of ROBLOX may not surprise us at all given the massive audience that similar open-ended games like Disney Infinity and Minecraft?has been enjoying for some time now.

If this article made you all the more curious about ROBLOX for Android, download it now from Google Play.

Or if you want to see how it works, watch the trailer here:




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