Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart Affair Not True; Pattinson, FKA Twigs Wants Open Marriage?

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Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

Twilight stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart?s relationship is still buzzing with controversy even after the pair split up over three years ago. The latest rumors have been about an alleged affair which Pattinson?s fianc? singer FKA Twigs suspects. But new reports say that the ?affair? is actually not true and that their wedding might be called off as the singer wants an open relationship.

IBT reports that the singer is feeling ?jealous and insecure? of Stewart as she and her ex has been growing close recently. Not only that, the actor most famous for his role as Edward Cullen in Twilight appears to be getting a bit torn between his fianc? and former girlfriend. The actor also had recently wanted to show his support to his ex at an event in New York and the singer didn?t take it too well as the actor has been getting on her nerves with that ?growing closeness.?

A source says, ?FKA Twigs went ballistic and screamed, ?No f***ing way,? when Robert suggested supporting Kristen at a NYC event for her new movie, ?Clouds of Sils Maria.? The singer doesn?t want to see the two Twilight actors together and getting close again that?s why she?s making sure that they will always be kept apart.

The source further adds, ?Now, as his relationship with Twigs gets more volatile, he?s feeling completely torn between the two women.?

The actor and singer were originally set to be married this year but had to put it on hold because of their squabbles over Pattinson?s former girlfriend and co-star. The report further states that the actor?s ?indecision over the situation has caused a delay.?

Twigs, now tired of waiting and fighting with her fianc? apparently decided to just have an open relationship with the actor instead of marriage, according to Inquisitr. This was based on the singer?s long post on Instagram about love which suggests her desire to just have an open relationship.

The singer?s post came with an image of a heart and she writes, ?ok so i woke up thinking… the love that is within me can never ever run out, resources can never get low. my love is in abundance and it is boundless. even when i am tired and i think i just can?t possibly…… actually i most definitely can still….. love for my neighbour, the earth, leaves, you, the woman at the bus stop, my family, the boy that just walked past me, it?s endless. the love i have comes with a certificate saying it will never ever bleed dry so i can act wild and run fast with it. you love towards me and i love towards you, you hate towards me and i love towards you, i really do. you hate towards me AND I LOVE TOWARDS YOU. i love for the day you wake up and see that your love is infinite too! i wake up real, healthy and happy and i have enough love inside for everything in my day. im not saying I don’t feel dark sometimes or worn out, like anyone i can be misguided. but just to know i have a gift of love inside me that is limitless no matter how much i give away is amazing. what a relief to find out. it’s taken 28 years for this notion to settle, i just want the universe to know. so just to be clear, my love won’t ever run out ok ok.?

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