Robert Pattinson, FKA Twigs Break-up? Gay Rumors Haunt Twilight Actor!

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The peace of the internet has once again been broken with the shocking news of Robert Pattinson coming out of the closet as a proud gay man. Let’s see if any of it is true.

The Story

The Story goes that Robert Pattinson admitted his new sexuality in an exclusive interview with Now88News. It appears that Pattinson went on a sudden romantic adventure with a 31 year old male model name Brad Owens.

In this romantic escapade, Pattinson admits to having fallen head of heels for Owens. The news further speaks of how Pattinson’s? sexuality was greatly challenged by the event. However, after a great thought and Owen lovin?, it appears Pattinson cave into his desires.

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In addition, The Gay Times magazine apparently caught on with Robert Pattinson?s change of heart. They also threw a big multimillion dollar modelling deal at him.

Many other article sites have immediately took on the role to defend Pattinson and shot down all the claims that he is gay. Many have also pointed out that the story is totally bogus. But is that really the case?

There may actually be some substance to the story. Not to mention, there have been many cases in the past the crazy stories turned out to be true. Let?s look at the recent facts and weigh in on the case.

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Robert Pattinson has never done anything in his personal time that may make us question his sexuality right? But he did.

He was caught by patient photographers exiting a prominent gay nightclub in London. To make things even more unnerving was how Pattinson was outright hiding from everyone.

But Robert Pattinson has a girlfriend, and that fact alone should help clear his name right? That would be true except things have not been working out well enough for him and FKA Twigs. Especially since rumors have been raging on that their proposed wedding was shot down.

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To make matters worse, the most speculated belief to the may be pending break up is because of a third party suddenly getting involved. A third party on none other than Pattinson?s side.

With all of the stories lined up, suddenly the crazy story of Robert Pattinson may not be so crazy after all. Heck, some can even argue that it holds some substance now.

But what do you guys think? Is Robert Pattinson Gay? Let us know in the comments section below!

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