Robert Downey Jr. Proves He Is Iron Man In Real Life: Shows Heroic Act On Social Media

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Among all the Avengers, no one else takes his character more seriously than Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man. And recently, he took on his role to heartwarming levels by donning on a Tigger suit while still being in character ? all for the sake of a young fan who?s suffering from a life-limiting illness.




A mother named Vicky Keyte reached out to Robert Downey Jr. about the difficult life of her son with cystic fibrosis. The mom related that her son is being bullied because of his condition and hopes that a comment from Iron Man would lift his spirits. ?

Being a hero on and off screen, Downey responded and posed a silly photo on Instagram and gave a touching invitation for Daniel to watch Captain America: Civil War with him.



After the invitation Downey made to Keyte, the mother was so touched and couldn?t believe what had happened. ?We physically cannot believe it and can?t ever imagine a way to thank everyone enough,? she wrote. ?I will keep everyone updated on the build up of the big day on Daniels progress and his day to day going ons and of course his tuxedo fitting that he asked for today as he want to fit in like a real star.?

There’s no doubt that putting on a Tigger costume makes everyone cheer up. It will be a dream come true for Daniel as he sits beside Robert Downey Jr. and the cast of Captain America: Civil War when the movie comes out on May 2016. But we hope that Downey doesn’t have another silly idea and wear his Tigger onesies costume on the premiere night.

As for Captain America: Civil War, the movie will be directed by none other than the Russo Brothers. The story will be about two opposing sides of Marvel heroes fighting over the subject of being a government registered superhero or not. For more information, check out this link here.

One thing we know though ? no other actor can carry the role as effective and as convincing as RDJ.

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