Robert Downey Jr. Iron Man To Appear In New Spider-Man Movie? Spidey Costume In Captain America: Civil War Revealed?

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Robert Downey Jr.?s Iron Man is rumored to be making a special ?Iron Spider? suit for the planned stand-alone movie starring Tom Holland. The suit, according to suit, Movie Pilot, actually gives light to rumors that Iron Man is confirmed to? be making an appearance in Spider-Man?s standalone movie. Aside from this, the complete casting as well as the tentative actors who will portray the roles has been surfacing on the internet as well.

But before that, here?s another rumor that might confirm Tom Hollard?s Spider-Man surely appearing in Captain America: Civil War ? leaked photos of the official Spider-Man suit to be used in the movie!

Take note that the new Spider-Man character will be the youngest on-screen Peter Parker portrayal we will see in the movies as the character is set as a teenage high school student. This leads many to believe that he will be donning a homemade Spidey costume as well.

An insider has leaked that Tom Hollard will be donning a similar-looking Spidey suit like this fan art by artist Pietro Scola Di Mambro, Latino-Review reported.

Rumored Spider-Man Costume

Rumored Spider-Man Costume. Photo?From SpikeSDM

Viewers of Toby Maguire?s Spider-Man will remember that his Peter Parker also contented himself with a homemade Spidey suit at the start of the movie.

However, the rumors surfacing on the internet should be taken with a grain of salt especially after Director of Captain America: Civil War Russo Brothers? Tweet showing the new Spider-Man costume was foiled after it was said to be a fake account.

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has also announced before that the new costume will bear resemblance to Tobey Maguire?s costume from Spider-Man 1 and 2 while reataining a ?classic Spidey? appearance, Cinemablend reported.

Anyway, for Tom Holland?s standalone movie, the following characters have, in one way or another, already confirmed their roles:

  • Peter Parker/ Spider-Man ? Tom Holland (Confirmed)
  • Aunt May? Marisa Tomei (Confirmed)
  • Tony Stark/ Iron Man? Robert Downey Jr. (confirmed/ to be announced)
  • Adrian Toomes/ The Vulture ? Billy Zane (Final Negotiations/ to be confirmed)
  • Mac Gargan/ Scorpion? Jason Biggs (Final Negotiations/ to be confirmed)
  • Mary Jane Watson? Rachel G. Fox (final negotiations/ to be confirmed)
  • Harry Osborn? Timothee Chalamet (final negotiations/ to be confirmed)
  • Liz Allen? Sami Gayle (in talks)
  • Jonah Jameson? Hugh Laurie (final negotiations/ to be confirmed)
  • Robbie Robertson? Forest Whitaker (in talks)
  • Betty Brant? Miranda Cosgrove (in talks)
  • Ned Leeds? Tyler Posey (in talks)

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