Roam around the city in style and comfort with a Harley-Davidson-powered e-bike

Say goodbye to oil spills, unpoised pedals, and annoying chain entanglements just to enjoy a windy bike ride

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Imagine biking with no sweat, no mess, and no grease. That’s what Serial 1 who offers e-bicycles powered by Harley Davidson aims to give. These e-bicycles let bikers ride their bikes in style and without any hassle.

When Harley-Davidson’s founders put power to two wheels and created their first motorcycle in 1903, they changed the way the world moved forever. Now, more than a century later, Serial 1 Cycles, Powered by Harley-Davidson, has created an eBicycle designed to change the way the world moves again.

E-bikes can be as costly as a motorcycle, and maintaining them can get more expensive. This Harley Davidson-powered e-bike reduced the maintenance expense of an electronic bike with the security and safety features they have. 

The MOSH/CTY model is a pedal-assist electric bicycle designed for trend-setting adults seeking a stylish and flexible way to move around the fast-paced urban environments. 

The Convenience

The Serial1 app will allow easy access to rider data, and you can set your preferred pedaling speed.

  • Eco Mode for a gentle amount of assistance in flat-and-favorable conditions
  • Tour Mode for the optimal blend of assistance and economy in mixed conditions
  • Sport Mode for pronounced assistance away from corners or over rolling hills
  • Boost Mode for any riding condition requiring a sustained boost of extra power

Serial1 equipped its top-of-the-line models with tons of high-end, well-thought-out components that you will never get on a budget bike. The philosophy behind the company’s design choices is to make the bike as maintenance-free as possible with these specialties:


MOSH/CTY uses a single-speed freewheel hub and the Brose S MAG motor that features a brushless rotor and produces 90Nm/66 ft. lb. torque. Equipped with a carbon fiber belt drive, it requires none of the frequent lubrication or adjustment of a traditional chain drive system delivering a smooth and quieter ride.


The bike gets its stopping power from hydraulic disc brakes, which means no potential for cables that slack over time and need adjustment. It has tires that provide the perfect combination of low rolling resistance, ample shock absorption, and responsive, predictable handling. For lasting durability, alloy rims are laced with stainless-steel spokes.

Battery System

The MOSH/CTY is equipped with an integrated, removable, and rechargeable 529Wh lithium-ion battery that delivers a real-world range of 35-105 miles, depending on ride-mode selection, terrain, and how much pedal input the rider supplies.

Regular bikes are much cheaper than electronic ones, that’s for sure. But investing in e-bikes, especially the ones that give you comfort, have the potential to replace car trips, and this Serial1 MOSH/CTY is one of them.


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