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Riverdale Season 2 Spoilers: Varchie Love Triangle, Bughead Drama, and All The New Romances Next Season

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As its first trailer hints, the CW’s Riverdale will go from innocent to grim when it returns for Season 2 this fall. But the show is still getting all the good teen-soapy stuff as well, including new romances for our favorite characters. Or, at least, that’s what we have learned from the Riverdale Season 2 cast during the San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC 2017) on Saturday.

New Romances

Josie, for one, is getting a new love interest with Charles Melton’s character, Reggie. In a sit down with Entertainment Tonight, Ashleigh Murray teased the Pussycats lead vocalist “might be getting a little love, and a potential suitor [in] Reggie Mantle, who is played by our new and lovely Charles Melton. He’s phenomenal,” she gushed of the new cast member. “He might be able to bat some lashes at me.”

The actor will be replacing 13 Reasons Why star Ross Butler in season two.

Although Cheryl will most likely be homeless next season, she won’t be lonely as well as there’s finally a new man in store for her and Madelaine Petsch, who portrays the redhead says it’ll be unexpected. “What she looks for in a person, who knows? Cheryl just needs love,” she said. “I think she just really wants to be loved, and she’ll just take it however she can get it.”

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As for Kevin, he still has a few issues to work out after his lover, Joaquin, skipped town in the first season finale. Casey Cott, however, teased showrunner Robert Aguirre-Sacasa told him his character is meeting someone new soon. Cott doesn’t know who it is, but he wants someone who is “a little more honest and kind” for Kevin.

“Hopefully he’s going to be in good hands, not scary, Serpentine hands,” he told the outlet.

New Trouble, New Love Triangle

Meanwhile, Veronica would find herself in a love triangle, as her ex-boyfriend is slated to make his Riverdale grand entrance and Camila Mendes is excited.

“I’m excited about that story, but that actual character is trouble,” the actress confessed. As Petsch teased, “He’s a 10 out of five on the Serpent scale!” which is why Archie would likely be a little bit intimidated at first. “But I think his main reaction is just to fight,” KJ Apa noted. “Like, ‘Let’s go, bro.”

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As for everyone’s favorite couple, Bughead; there’s no love triangle for them so far but that doesn’t mean they won’t be any shakeup in their relationship next season.

In case you missed it, Riverdale Season 2 is introducing Vanessa Morgan as bisexual Archie Comics character Toni Topaz. Betty Cooper actress Lili Reinhart said she’s the girl Juggy meets at Southside, so there will potentially be a little bit of rivalry there. However, Cole Sprouse suggested Toni won’t be a villain for the pair romantically.

“It has nothing to do with romance, but rather his inclusion with a person he finds a friend, who is also a Serpent, is trouble.”

Regardless, “Pray for Bughead,” Reinhart says. “Season 2 is a split between Riverdale itself, so it affects Betty an Jughead’s relationship. Them being at separate schools… it takes its toll. It becomes a Romeo and Juliet situation.”

Whatever that means, we will all see when Riverdale returns. In the meantime, check out the Comic Con trailer for Season 2 below:

Are you excited for Riverdale season 2? What do you think of a Varchie love triangle? What are your expectations from the new character Toni? Are you worried for Betty and Jughead? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

The show’s sophomore run premieres Wednesday, October 11 at 8/9c on The CW.

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