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Riverdale Season 2 Casting New Characters: Tyler Blackburn Will Be Betty’s Brother?

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The first season finale of Riverdale dropped a major bombshell about the Cooper family: Betty’s mother, Alice, had a son in high school, who she gave up for adoption. That means there’s another Cooper running around out there and we’re almost certain that the mysterious character will show up in Riverdale Season 2. The question is: Who would portray him?

If the latest rumor is anything to go by, Tyler Blackburn could be the man for the job. That’s right, the Pretty Little Liars star, who portrayed Caleb Rivers on the hit Freeform series, is tipped to board the cast of the show’s sophomore run as the long-lost Cooper sibling. It’s unclear where the word of his inclusion came from, but it made rounds on Twitter and Facebook recently.

He will reportedly play Justin, a popular student from Central High, Riverdale High’s rival. Apparently, the competition between the two schools will be a major part of the second season.

Betty actually does have an older brother in the comics: Chic Cooper. He’s a blonde guy in his 20s, so many assume his TV counterpart would sport the same hair color. When she told Veronica and Archie about the big revelation in the final episode, Veronica also predicted that he would be another blonde Adonis.

How likely?

However, there’s a popular theory that the child could not be Hal’s, but FP Jones. If this is the case, which is likely because Skeet Ulrich has just been promoted to a series regular, there’s a chance that the child would be dark-haired, like Jughead’s dad.

This is where Blackburn fits in the picture. After all, he does look like a product of FP Jones and Alice Cooper. Plus, his PLL gig is almost over now as the show is ending with Season 7 on June 27. Filming of the series also officially wrapped October last year, which means he’s free to join the production of Season 2 this month.

As much as we’d like to see the 30-year-old hottie next season, this is still unconfirmed and will remain a speculation until the show premieres or makes some casting announcement soon. For all we know, he could be another character or not be included at all. We can only keep our fingers crossed that he really is boarding the show. Betty’s brother or not, Blackburn would make a great addition to its dynamic cast. Don’t you think?

We’ll be sure to keep you updated here at The Bitbag, so stay tuned.  In the meantime, we’d like to hear who you want to portray Betty’s long-lost brother in the comments section below.

Riverdale Season 2 premieres on October 11, 2017.

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