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Riverdale Season 2 Rumor Round-up: Who Will Have More Sex, Dark Betty, Jughead’s Mom & The Long-Lost Cooper Sibling

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The first season of Riverdale captivated us all from its dynamic characters to its explosive central murder mystery. No wonder everyone’s already looking forward to its second run. Unfortunately, we still have a few months until the show returns to our TV screens but the team behind the CW hit has been generous enough to give us tidbits of what’s to come in Riverdale Season 2. We rounded up a few exciting details we know so far below.

Expect to see more sex.

Sex has been a notorious common thread among soapy teen dramas, but Riverdale has been quite different. Sure, there were some sexual tensions among the characters here and there, but there has been minimal exposure of the actual hookup. It turns out this was intentional. After all, the protagonists were just 16-year-olds.

But brace yourselves because Executive Producer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa there will be more between-the-sheets business next season as the central characters are “starting to have relationships and they are starting to get older.”

Betty’s mental health to take center stage.

Since the beginning, we have already been suspicious that there’s something wrong with Betty. Remember when she snapped on Chuck, referring to him as Jason and herself as older sister Polly? That scene has the viewers guessing that the blonde beauty suffers from a mental illness. Then, there’s her mannerism of digging her nails into the palm of her hands when she’s in stressful situations. Season 2 could give us a clearer look of what’s really happening to Betty.

According to Lili Reinhart, who plays the role, they already talked about exploring Betty’s dark side further, and her mental health. In fact, she revealed Betty was actually supposed to see a therapist in season one but they didn’t have time. “But yeah, just kind of exploring Betty’s mental health, which I love because I’m an advocate for that, and taking it seriously and her kind of telling her mom that this is something of a problem and she needs help.”

Mrs. Jones and Jellybean to finally make their debut.

Riverdale has spent a lot of time focusing on the Andrews, Cooper, and Blossom families, but it hasn’t really kept up with the Joneses. There isn’t much known about Jughead’s family, let alone his mother and sister who has yet to appear in the show. Thankfully, that will likely change come season 2, or that’s what Cole Sprouse (Jughead) teased at least.

“Season two does deal with a lot more of Jughead’s family structure,” the actor told Glamour. “People have responded so well to Jughead’s family structure that people want to see [his mom and Jellybean] really badly.” In fact, the internet already came up with a casting idea and that’s Neve Campbell from the Scream quadrilogy.

Why? Because her character, Sidney, was the girlfriend of Skeet Ulrich’s character Billy in the original Scream movie. Plus, she also got the dark hair of the Joneses. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait for Season 2 to confirm.

…as well as Betty and Polly secret brother.

At the end of the Riverdale season finale, it was revealed that the Coopers have a long lost brother. Their mom, Alice, had gotten pregnant in high school and gave her child up for adoption. We learned alongside Betty that he should be in his 20’s by now. In the comics, the name of the character is Chic, but it remains unknown if that’s his name in the show or not.

There’s a theory that it’s Joaquin, the Southside Serpent boyfriend of Kevin Keller. Rob Raco, the actor who plays him, has been teasing this whole thing over on his Twitter account for weeks. But for all we know, he could just be trolling us. Regardless, we expect the mysterious Cooper sibling shake things up in the future episodes.

Riverdale Season 2 premieres on October 11.

Any thoughts? Who do you think should play as Jughead’s mom and Chic Cooper? Sound off in the comments section below.

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