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Riverdale Season 2 Air date, Plot Theories: Who Is Betty’s Secret Brother & Is Fred Andrews Dead?

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Riverdale Season 2

 Riverdale has wrapped up its pilot season last week, finally revealing who pulled the trigger on Jason Blossom. But the mystery is still far from over. While it did tie up a few loose ends, Episode 13 also opened a huge can of worms which we, unfortunately, won’t be able to solve until Riverdale Season 2 premieres. Fair warning, there are spoilers ahead so read at your own risk.

For a brief recap, the finale dropped a major bombshell about the Cooper family. We already know that Alice and Hal fought over the former’s pregnancy during their homecoming back in the day, but it turns out the Cooper matriarch didn’t actually have an abortion. Instead, she went away to the same place they sent Polly to—at the Sisters of Quiet Mercy group-home—gave birth to a baby boy and gave him up for adoption.

Obviously, this means there’s another Cooper/Blossom running around out there which can only spell drama. The Cooper sisters do have an older brother in the comics: Chic Cooper, a blond secret agent in his 20s. Of course, the CW hit has deviated from the comics in the past, so the mystery Cooper could be someone completely different than Chic.

Who is Betty’s Secret Brother?

If the latest theory is anything to go by, the person in question could be Joaquin, Kevin’s Southside boyfriend from earlier this season.

This might sound crazy, but Betty mentioned before that her brother would be somewhere in his early 20s by now. Joaquin may look like he’s the same age as Riverdale‘s core four, but the show has not really confirmed he’s in high school. In fact, there’s little to nothing known about Joaquin since his character isn’t from the Archie Comics. This makes him the possible brother we’re talking about.

But there’s a catch: He may not be Hal’s son.

Who is the unborn child’s father?

Alice did not go into detail about the parentage of the unborn child in the last episode yet we all assumed the child was Hal’s since she’s currently married to him. But what if it was another man’s? PopSugar names Jughead’s dad as the most likely candidate for the spot, citing “some undeniable sexual tension” between Alice and FP all season.

We can recall FP teased Alice’s dark Southside background after Jughead’s birthday, adding that “snakes don’t shed their skin so easily.” Could it be that they had a heated affair when they were younger, and she was forced sacrifice the baby to maintain her newfound clean-cut image with Hal?

The publication claims there’s a striking resemblance to the two characters (Alice’s bright eyes and FP’s jet black hair) after all. Plus, Rob Raco, who played Joaquin, teased this theory unless, of course, he was just messing with us fans.

Regardless, we can expect something big is about to go down on Riverdale Season 2, not just about Betty’s secret brother but also Fred Andrew’s shooter. That’s right, the ONE person who’s making a clear effort to stay away from all the drama in Riverdale got shot in what seemed to be an armed robbery gone wrong.

Is Fred Andrews dead?

It remains to be seen whether Archie’s dad survived the shooting, but series creator Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa teased he may have died.  Speaking to TV Guide, Aguirre-Sacasa said the tragic events of the finale will lead to a different Archie in season two. “This is a guy who is going to be on a quest for revenge and hopefully towards heroism,” he hinted.

“What Archie witnessed in Pops is the equivalent of what Bruce Wayne witnessed when he saw his parents gunned down in that alley or when Peter Parker learned his Uncle Ben had been murdered by a burglar he could have stopped.”

Who shot Archie’s dad?

Many speculate Hiram Lodge is responsible for the shooting after finding out Andrews’ love affair with his wife, Hermione.  While he probably isn’t the masked gunman, he could have sent the hitman to Pop’s. It’s not like he has never paid people to do the dirty work before. But then, that’s the most obvious explanation which may actually make it the least likely.

Was it Hal Cooper then? If you look closely at the gunman, you’d see that he has the same build as Betty’s dad and they appear to have the same eyes. But we don’t see a clear motive for Betty’s dad to hurt Fred. Then again, there’s also none so far for Clifford’s shooting of Jason, so maybe the show has yet to give us next season.

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If this isn’t the case, it could be Betty’s long lost brother who’ll swoop in and steal the mantle of big bad. Perhaps he is a criminal and he has returned to Riverdale to get revenge on the people who gave him up when he had a run-in with Fred? We’ll never know until the show returns next fall.

In the meantime, let us know what you expect from Riverdale Season 2. How will Betty’s secret brother affect Riverdale? Who do you think was the gunman at Pop’s? Leave your comments below!

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