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Riverdale 2017: Cole Sprouse, Lili Reinhart Romance Could Be Real? Jughead & Betty ‘Ship’ Themselves

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Riverdale 2017

Riverdale has been filled with dark twists and turns so far but there’s been somehow a source of light in all these in the form of Betty and Jughead’s romance. We have become obsessed with the duo dubbed “Bughead” since they locked lips in the sixth episode. And thanks to the palpable chemistry between Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse, the couple have ultimately become one of the most compelling aspects of the series.

It looks like we aren’t just the ones who ship the Riverdale couple, though. In a recent interview, Sprouse and Reinhart themselves said they’re on the same boat too.

“I want them to have a happily ever after if it’s honest and real,” says Sprouse. “If they can comfort each other in a storm of sh*t that seems to be hitting them at light-speed, that’s what I want.”

His on-screen partner agrees, explaining “It makes sense to have these two people who are kind of lonely and on the outside and don’t really fit into a particular group to be together. Reinhart added she is just as hopeful as the fans that Bughead will “pull through, as long as they keep making each other happy.”

Riverdale 2017The CW

Now, if you’re all about Betty and Jughead as a couple as well, there’s a good chance you may be shipping them in real life. It’s not like the ship just formed itself from thin air, there have been actual real life signs that point to a possible relationship.

Are Cole and Lili dating in real life? Here’s The Truth!

Sprouse’s shared photos of the actress in a flower field on his Instagram page. Now it’s no secret that they are friends off-screen and that the former Disney star is also a super talented photographer in his own right so it could very well just be showing love to his co-star and expressing how much he likes this particular image of her. But why wouldn’t he take pictures of his other beautiful co-stars?

To be fair, he did post a few shots of KJ Apa (Archie) and Madelaine Petsch (Cheryl) and the photo does not confirm anything at all. But granted Reinhart is his onscreen partner, many can’t help but ask if they could really be dating behind the camera. After all, who doesn’t love a reel-to-real love story?

Much to our dismay, Sprouse clarified to MTV News their relationship is strictly in the friend zo

“Lili and I play characters who are dating, so just about any time she and I go out into the wilderness, it’s ‘Oh my god!’,” he said. “But truthfully, I’m a sucker for friends, fashion, and framing.”

It doesn’t seem likely now but we’ll keep our fingers crossed that the their romance will be for real in the future. They’d surely make the cutest couple ever. In the meantime, let’s keep our eyes on their Riverdale characters because Sprouse says they may have some turbulent times ahead.

Riverdale 2017: What’s next for Bughead then?

According to the actor, the upcoming events would become more twisted and cause some friction. “Bughead has been through a lot of trauma Season 1 and will experience more in Season 2. It’s not smooth sailing—we get darker and weirder in Season 2,”  he told BustleHe also says Betty and Jughead’s conflicting personalities could be an issue.

“They’re balancing their personalities off each other, which is so apparently contrasting, and I think they’re obviously going to have realistic bumps in the road,” he continued.

Riverdale 2017The CW

Indeed, they are still in high school and still in the early phase of getting to know each other. Reinhart seconds this, saying the couple is still even figuring out who they really are.

“That kind of affects your relationship with other people. Things change. People breakup and get back together. It’s kind of an open-ended situation because anything can happen between two teenagers who are falling in love,” says the actress.

Riverdale Season Finale

Riverdale has just debuted its first season finale on Thursday. Check out the synopsis below:

“Chapter Thirteen: The Sweet Hereafter” – “Archie (KJ Apa) and Veronica (Camila Mendes) continue to grow closer. Betty (Lili Reinhart) is tired of her family acting as if nothing has happened and confronts her mother. Jughead (Cole Sprouse) finds himself in an unexpected situation, leaving Archie and the gang scrambling. Hermione (Marisol Nichols) makes Fred (Luke Perry) an offer that seems too good to be true. Meanwhile, the truth about Blossom’s family business is revealed leaving Cheryl (Madelain Petsch) to take matters into her own hands. Madchen Amick and Ashleigh Murray also star. Lee Toland Krieger directed the episode written by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa (#113). ”

Any thoughts about Bughead? Are you shipping them in real life too? What do you think will happen to the two in the second season? Sound off in the comments below!

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