Rival Knights Game: Glory and Adventure-Packed Game Review

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Most people automatically assume that Rival Knights, a free-for-download game app from Gameloft, is not worth their time. While it is true that the app developer does not commonly offer its creations for free, it does not necessarily mean that you should already give it a thumbs down. If you look at it as a whole, there?s more to this glory and adventure game.

App Description

Basically, Rival Knights is a jousting game and simple mechanics is what you can expect from it. The action comes in three phases: first, you need to tap the device?s screen at the right moment in order to achieve a head start.

Then, for speed, you need to do your best in stopping the speed bar once it reaches yellow or green.

Lastly, you have to drag your lance around so that you can create more damage when hitting your target. The key is to perform these actions at the right time as a very small mistake can make all the difference.

Game Options

The game app features a 5-star system that players can check to see how well they will fare in the match. One star means higher chances of winning, while five stars means higher chances of losing.

Both power and speed are determined not only by the game itself, but the items that you don your character with. Single and multiplayer modes are both available. Probably the best and most attractive feature of the app is its Events, which are time-limited games.


Whether or not you download this jousting game is up to you. However, don?t be so easy to disregard it just because many reviews online are criticizing it, for not being able to meet their expectations. It is a free app, so there?s no need for you to worry about wasting your money, in the unlikely event that you do not get satisfied with it.

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