Rita Wilson?s Cancer Goes Viral

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Rita Wilson during one of her public appearances.

A double mastectomy is a procedure where a woman?s mammary glands are surgically removed. Oftentimes, this is a means to address the leading cause of cancer for women, which is the cancer of the breasts. To remove malignant cancer cells, the breasts are removed and the woman undergoes either radiological or chemotherapy to address other cancer cells left in the body.

Rita Wilson’s Cancer

Another high profile star recently underwent a double mastectomy, according to a report from CBSNews.com. The star is Rita Wilson, wife of Tom Hanks. She was diagnosed early with breast cancer, underwent the procedure as well as the reconstructive surgery thereafter.

She credits the early detection to her doctor, Mount Sinai Dubin Breast Cancer Center co-director Dr. Elisa Port. The center, based in New York, only acted on the cancer after Wilson had obtained a second opinion from their surgeon.

According to Dr. Port, ?There?s a whole team of people behind the surgeon that form the surgeon?s team and the team is really as strong as its weakest link.?

The thoughts of the cancer patient

The 59-year old actress, as reported in NYDailyNews.com, said, ?I am recovering and most importantly, expected to make a full recovery. Why? Because I caught this early, have excellent doctors and because I got a second opinion.?

She added, ?I feel blessed to have a loving, supportive husband, family, friends and doctors and that I am the beneficiary of advances in the field of breast cancer and reconstruction. I am getting better every day and look forward to renewed health. I hope this will encourage others to get a second opinion and to trust their instincts if something doesn?t ?feel? right.?

Wilson?s revelation comes while she is appearing in ?Fish in the Dark? on Broadway. She added, in a statement to Eonline.com, ?I have taken a leave from the play Fish in the Dark to deal with a personal health issue. Last week, with my husband (two time Oscar winner Tom Hanks) by my side, and with the love and support of family and friends, I underwent a bilateral mastectomy and reconstruction for breast cancer after diagnosis of invasive lobular carcinoma.?

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