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The Risks of Mobile WiFi: Trains are OK, Planes are a No-Go

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The world is slowly getting smaller and smaller, and communication is making it so.

Gone are the days when you had to find a WiFi hotspot just to connect to the Net. Aside from phone companies offering subscriptions for data plans, this report from Telegraph UK offers hope for people on the go to be able to connect online.? Prime Minister David Cameron announces that in the UK, trains will soon play host to mobile WiFi on the go.

Mobile inter-connectivity is good for people, of course, but there are just places where it shouldn?t be. For instance, WiFi availability on modern planes; it?s a good thing, but according to this report from The Guardian, WiFi connections on planes opens a whole lot of possibility for cyber-terrorism. It makes these planes a target for people who are up to no good.

WiFi in Places it Shouldn?t Be

The US Government Accountability Office, a US watchdog, warned the possibility of planes being at the mercy of hackers.

This after planes enabled WiFi services onboard flights. According to The Guardian, it is entirely possible that hackers/hi-jackers could use the WiFi connection to bring down or hold hostage the flight that they?re on. This can be done despite the security of firewalls separating the connection between passenger-accessible systems and plane avionics, according to the report.

The FAA has cyber-security policies already in place, but this isn?t enough, according to the report. Especially among hackers, who have been proven to find a way even around the strongest of security firewalls.

WiFi in Trains in 2017

This report from the Telegraph UK should bring a smile on the passengers taking the daily train to work.

People riding the train to work will finally be able to access the Internet while in transit, if Prime Minister David Cameron has anything to say about it. According to the report, starting in 2017, people will be able to access WiFi on the train, which should enable them to check on work and contact persons even while in transit.

This early, train operators have begun to heed the call for onboard WiFi. Some operators have already installed equipment in their trains to be ready to supply WiFi to passengers. Some have also begun to search for WiFi services which will supply their Internet signals on-board.

Safe Connections

The world has indeed become a smaller place with more WiFi connections becoming available. With this, however, comes the responsibility to make sure that the Internet will also be a safer place for everyone. Tighter security and stricter anti-virus programs are key to making safe Internet a reality.


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