The Rising of the Shield Hero: What Critics Have to Say About Novel 3

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Rising of the Shield Hero

The Rising of the Shield Hero Novel 3 is here and this may be the turning point of the said series. According to the Anime News Network, while the past novels of the series have little to contribute to the success of the series, Novel 3 could be the deliverer of the good news.

Going through the previous two novels, the Rising of the Shield Hero Volume 1 speaks ?more about the introduction of the story line. Giving specific identification to its characters, the story concept mainly talked about putting them in parts of the story. Volume 1 of the Rising of the Shield Hero basically created the legendary characters of the series and ends it with the concept of building up a new hero.

Rising of the Shield Hero Novel 3, tells the story of the legendary character Naofumi. ?Naofumi, who has done his share in helping the people in the Kingdom of Melromarc, slowly realizes that he?s getting good karma with everything that he?s done. With groups supporting him in fighting the dirty ways of the Kingdom, he continues his saga of goodwill.

Novel 3 of the series will also lead Naofumi to Melty, the second princess of the Melromarc Kingdom. While it may lead to a threatening discovery of why he?s not welcomed in the Kingdom, he starts to second guess the nature of his work.

In the review by the Anime News Network, Rising of the Shield hero Novel 3 surprises readers with the true color of Melromarc?s political substance, which, surprisingly is not as corrupt as everyone implies. Novel 3 will be different, as the King and Melty?s sister plot together in order to relinquish Naofumi of his ability to save the Kingdom.

Other legendary heroes will also be highlighted on the third volume, such as Sword Hero Ren and how he develops his skills.

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