RISEN for PC now only $39.99

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Hello PC Gamers this is your resident retro and computer gamer TheSocialGamer ,welcome to Today I have a quick update for the windows version of RISEN an RPG from Deep Silver. The price of the windows version of the game will now have a lower price point of $39.99 making this game a must buy for all my computer role playing game junkies.

You not only get a 60+ hour adventure RPG but you also get to have it a very low price when compared to the console counter parts. The game brings you into a lush and open world, that will have you losing your self in side quest after side quest before you even complete the main story line. The price is not a promotional timed sale but is a permanent price drop for the Windows version only. The game is launching in a few days and can be pre-ordered now at your favorite videogame shop location.

***NOTE*** This is for the Windows PC version only.

Here are the Games for Windows Screens:

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