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Riot Games adding Clubs to League of Legends

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Riot has been changing a lot of in-game features lately, from champion rewards, to game interface, even matchmaking. All of these are pretty great, and the only thing we lack now is a way to socialize with other players even outside of the Summoners? Rift. Riot has decided to fix this though. Now, League of Legends has introduced a new ?Club? feature that will allow players to interact with each other even outside of a game.

Riot has decided that 2016 may be a good time to establish good vibes between players. This new social feature will be implemented to the long-running MOBA very soon. The Clubs in League of Legends will function as a running in-game chatroom where friendly players can take part and discuss whatever they want to. You can add a total of up to 50 players at the moment, but Riot says that this limit will be likely to increase in the near future. Other than chatting, club members are also given the chance to create their own custom Club tags which will be displayed in their own profile beside their Summoner name. You will also be given a chance to join multiple clubs at once and design a unique tag for each club you join in or create.

The future game patches will include this feature and they will be doing their best to improve the Club feature for everyone. The current designed interface won?t be the final one, so many more revisions are on the line. Riot will be doing some revisions to provide better visuals and ease of use. The functionality of the Club feature will be improved as they launch more patches.

The time for this feature to take effect isn?t final yet so let us just hope they implement this very soon. Riot promised we won?t have to wait long so let us keep our fingers crossed.

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