Rio Olympics Accidents: Horrific Race Crash, Gymnast Breaks Leg, Heat Stroke, Explosions, Etc.

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Rio Olympics 2016 Games
Rio Olympics 2016 Games

Rio Olympics accidents are abuzz. Everyone has been looking forward to a festive competition at the Olympics that is being held this year in Rio. Rio has been known worldwide because of its colorful and lively festivals, so the hype for 2016 Olympics is no surprise, but it seems the hype is not without its glitches..

There was recent news regarding poor accommodations and poor facilities, not to mention news of unfortunate incidents that happened like cases of athletes’ stolen belongings. There have also been cases of spectators suffering heatstroke.

Bomb scare

Just on the first day, a loud explosion was heard near the finish line of the men’s olympic cycling race. The sound of the explosion was even heard during the live coverage. It was later revealed that a bomb squad blew up a suspicious bag in a controlled explosion. The unattended bag was found near the venue of the racing event.

Road race freak accidents

During the women’s road race event, Dutch cyclist Annemiek van Vleuten was leading but suddenly crashed downhill at high speed on the final descent with only 11km left from the goal. She has been reported to have suffered 3 cracks in her spine and is currently in intensive care. Italian cyclist Vincenzo Nibali also met an accident on the same descent and suffered a broken collarbone when he crashed in the men’s race the previous day.

Her Dutch team-mate Anna van der Breggen would go on to win the race and get the gold medal for the event. Swede Emma Johansson came in next for the silver medal and Italy’s Elisa Longo Borghini came in third for the bronze medal. With their victory came mixed emotions as the cyclists are also very concerned about van Vleuten’s condition.

Gymnast suffered horrific broken leg

Just a few days prior, on August 6, a male gymnast also suffered a horrific and possibly a career-ending injury. French gymnast Samir A?t Sa?d’s left leg snapped when he landed awkwardly after attempting to complete a vault during the men’s qualifying events for the second subdivision.

Multiple reports say that the crack of his leg was audible throughout the arena where the event was being held. His team-mate Danny Pinheiro was in distress after seeing his friend’s broken leg. He was carried out in a stretcher to get immediate medical attention.


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