Rio Olympics 2016 Sex Scandals: What Happens in Rio Doesn’t Always Stay in Rio

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It?s the height of the Rio Olympics 2016 and aside from the conventional sports updates that viewers get, the most interesting things may be the things that happen during the post Olympic events. It happened in previous Olympic events, it?s happening in Rio, and it will happen in future Olympic events.

The sexcapades are just one of the most notable vices of Olympic players. It?s not a secret and it will continue to plague the Olympic management?s effort to minimize incidents of sexually transmitted diseases among athletes. Previous reports have revealed how the Rio Olympics 2016 is not different from the past events. An E! Insider revealed ?It’s pretty intense?some athletes wait until after their competition [to party] and then others have hookups between practices because they say sex actually helps them reach for the gold.”

Others limit themselves to co-player hookups when they prefer to stay within the Olympic village. This is also brought about by the strict curfew for the players. This way, it?s easier for them to meet within the confines of the village.

The recent Zika virus that threatened the country did not minimize this Olympic trend, but the insider said players were also attentive to possible effects, so they stacked up on condoms. It stated ?For the most part, these athletes are protected and careful because the condom stock is endless. They are extra careful this year because of Zika.?


Meanwhile, as the Olympics history and trends unravel, some can?t help but wonder, just how much these host countries are making against the billions of dollars they?ve spent developing the facilities? Some are suggesting that it would be better and economical to agree to a designated Olympic home in the future.

How will this affect the other countries, or the players who joined the competition to also experience other cultures? Will this affect the gnawing culture of Olympic sex scandals for athletes during an Olympic event? Or will this intensify international relationships?

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