Rio Olympics 2016: Michelle Jenneke Fails, Comes Under Fire

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The beloved Australian hurdler and sensational warm up jiggler, Michelle Jenneke is under heavy fire for her underwhelming performance at Rio.

Michelle Jenneke is well known for her steamy viral warm up video. All eyes were on her during her jiggling warm up ritual before her race in Barcelona back in 2012.

The video went viral and has essentially made her an iconic figure ever since. Jenneke is very popular, but it?s been a pressing issue these past years that she?s been popularized for all the wrong reasons.

It?s a not big secret that many other athletes are barely supported by their home countries and have often had to overcome great hardship just to reach the Olympics. Jenneke, on the other hand, has an estimated net worth of 3 million dollars thanks to her publicity. Rio?s even covered all over with her Coca Cola ads.

Jenneke performed poorly at the Rio Olympics, only placing 6th in her event last Tuesday. Jenneke?s poor performance was came under even more criticism when Australian olympian Catherine Skinner won a gold in trap shooting. Many argue it’s quite unfair that Jenneke is enjoying and reaping undeserved rewards for her fame while Skinner, who achieved an even greater feat with no sponsorship, is only quietly congratulated.

Jenneke?s record isn?t actually as impressive as fame. She?s ranked 55th place in the whole world and has never actually gone past any semi-finals at major championships. Despite her lack of phenomenal sporting credentials, for some unexplainable reason (jiggle-jiggle), several marketing campaigns have already chosen to sensationalize the young athlete.


Several news and media outlets have already been criticizing Jenneke for her recent failure.

The Decider compared Jenneke to tennis player Anna Kournikova and criticized both women that their looks ?stole attention from other, more accomplished athletes?.

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