Rio Olympics 2016 Closing Ceremony: Spectacular End to A Controversial & Historic Olympics

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The Rio Olympics was riddled with as much controversy as fantastic sporting highlights. The Rio Olympics came to a spectacular close, last Sunday night with a large party showcasing Brazil?s spirit and culture.

The closing ceremony held at the Maracan? stadium was plagued by strong winds and rain, but bad weather didn?t deter the crowds and athletes celebrating the closing ceremony.

The stadium was a plethora of lights, music, fireworks, and performances. Many acts were performed at the closing ceremony. So many, that we could make an article detailing each one. There was even a line up of Brazilian singers and dancers who mimicked an image of Christ the Redeemer statue.




The Rio Olympics was one filled with much controversy. Olympic villages and media accommodations were poorly made. Scores of events filled with empty seats. A pilgrimage of athletes exiting the olympics before the final ceremony. There is also the ethical question to even host the Olympics in a poverty-struck country. And let?s not forget about the magical diving pool with the ability to turn green overnight and emit a rancid smell.

Despite the many issues that came before and during the Rio Olympics. The Rio Olympics has undoubtedly served to be a catalyst for some of the greatest feats in sporting history. From countries and teams winning their first medals, to world breaking records being made, the Rio Olympics did manage to deliver.

Arguably, the most spectacular feat was that of Usain Bolt as he won gold again this year. The fastest man in the world has successfully achieved a legendary triple triple. Usain Bolt, has proved himself to be the greatest sprinter of our time.

The Rio Olympics not only played a critical role in sports history, but it inevitably became a part of Rio?s as well. The Olympics held at Rio these past weeks was able to give a lot of excitement and joy to the locals of Rio. Paulo Sotero, the director of the Brazil Institute even said that: ?The Rio Olympics?.?.?.?brought back some hope and joy at a moment of deep national crisis,?.

We can only hope that the joy and inspiration brought by the games to the locals would have a lasting impact. And if you want to still see the highlights yourself, then just click here.

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