Rio 2016 Usain Bolt Photo Is Actually Two Photos? Know The Truth!

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Already dubbed the most iconic moment captured in the Rio Games is a photo of the Usain Bolt sporting a big smile in the lead as he looks on to his rivals.

To be able even be able to manage a smile under the incredible physical stress that these athletes put themselves through, is already feat all on its own. The awe inspiring moment of Usain Bolt?s iconic moment captures the image of a man who not is not only focused on winning, but has found to enjoy the games as well.

With a photo this iconic, it’s pretty unlikely to find another one that would rival it anytime soon. However, that seems to be case with the recent controversy surrounding this photo.

As it turns out. There?s not actually 1 photo that?s making rounds over the internet, but two. Two nearly identical photos are out.

Sydney-based photographer Cameron Spencer was at the in field of the stadium and took the shot of Usain Bolt when the iconic moment occurred. And so was Kai Pfaffenbach who was standing right beside Spencer.




Cameron Spencer, a Sydney-based photographer with Getty Images, was infield at the stadium in Rio on Aug. 14, shooting the men?s high-jump qualifiers, when he turned to photograph the 100-meter semifinal race that was about to happen.

Both photos are being praised all over the internet. But the problem is, both are being confused for one another. One could even think that the two shots were the same if not compared to one another. Both Spencer and Pfaffenbach had taken their shots just milliseconds from one another.

With the two photos being so similar, we can only guess which of them would be considered for a Pulitzer award.

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