Rio 2016 Paralympics in Trouble, Under Budget, Under Staffed, and Venues Closed?

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The Rio 2016 Paralympics can?t cover costs and is currently under budget, under staffed, and has even been forced to close a venue.

The Rio Olympics was one plagued with controversies and a multitude of problems before, during, and after the big games. The Rio Paralympics that are to follow suit seem be under the same curse, with problems already popping up before the games even begin.

The Rio 2016 Paralympics is under budget, and can?t cover the great costs needed to support the events. The organizers are struggling to cover their costs, having been forced to make tough calls recently.

The IPF chief Philip Crave has already disclosed sentiments on the troubles occurring behind the scenes. The Rio Paralympics is plagued with both organizational and financial challenges. Grants have continued to be held up due to the court delays. The games are in financial trouble because of very poor ticket sales.




Mr. Craven went off to say that this year?s games will not be “as luxurious as in the past”. The dire situation has been made clear when Craven said that: “Never before in the 56-year history of the Paralympic Games have we faced circumstances like this,”

To manage the lack of funding, organizers have been forced to cut transport and food quality costs for the athletes.The organizers have even been forced to close a venue, cut staff, and shrink the stadium capacity in attempts to further cut costs.

Only 12% of available tickets have been sold so far, a far cry from the funding needed for the games. With a chance of a failure to host a Paralympics, the Vice-Chairman of the British Olympic Association has already said that the Paralympics needs help from the International Olympic Committee.

For both good and bad, the Rio Olympics happened and successfully ended, it would be horrible if the Paralympic athletes don?t get the same opportunity to share their talents on the world stage this year.

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