Rio 2016 Olympics Closing Ceremony: Why Are Athletes Abandoning the Olympics Days Before the Ceremony?

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Athletes are bailing on the Olympics left and right many days before the Olympics has even reached it closing ceremony.

The Rio Olympics has been an orchestra of one disaster to another. ?From horrendous accommodations to even a foul green pool, it’s no wonder why people have already started dubbing the Rio Olympics to be the worst Olympics ever.

In a not so surprising turn of events, many athletes have started abandoning the Olympics much earlier than expected. After winning silver in the mixed doubles, Venus William was all packed and was making her way to Gale?o International Airport in less than day. Tennis superstars Jack Sock a part of Team USA as well Madison Keys were also seen en route home.

Even though there are still 6 full days of events left, many other athletes have already opted to leave. ?The sudden outflow of athletes leaving had even prompted the volunteer to come in and help out with the large quantity of baggage.

Officials had even resorted to opening up a VIP line just to accommodate athletes. Athletes from China, Denmark, Japan, Russia, Latvia, and Sweden have already left Rio. One of the workers told Daily Mail Online :?At this rate there will be nobody left in the Athletes’ Village – let alone at the closing ceremony.?

From the start, Rio 2016 has been a plague of problems that has without a doubt helped speed up the increasing number of athletes leaving.


Many athletes from all over the world were well welcomed with unfinished and mediocre accommodations. Many accommodations have had problems such as tiny beds, loose power sockets, missing shower heads, and random pieces of furniture just breaking on their own. Images from different athletes have already been making rounds all over social media.

Basketball player Andrew Bogut shared a photo of him making a shower curtain on instagram with the caption:? #IOCLuxuryLodging. Putting together a shower curtain so we can shower and not flood the place.?

It’s not only the number of athletes have seen plunging numbers at the events, the number of people to seats is staggering. Wherein seeing thousands of empty seats has become a normal occurrence in the events. Games spokesman Mario Andrada spoke of the grim situation saying that: “We understand some athletes are disappointed?We understand that the media is worried. We are worried.?

With increasing problems plaguing the Rio Olympics each day, both athletes and fans are left wondering what else could go wrong and who’s going be left at the closing ceremony.

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