Rings Trailer Shows Tech-Savvy Samara In Tune With The Internet, Spamming & Flat TV

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After more than a decade since The Ring hit the cinemas, a reboot is finally underway titled Rings and is scheduled to premiere later this year. However, based on its trailer, it seems like the original storyline has vanished, which makes it a bit funny.

It can be recalled that The Ring was also a remake of the Japanese horror film, Ring, and it was well-received by the fans because it was as scary as the original. But this upcoming film, it is somehow clear that the producers tweaked the plot to match today?s technology.

The original story of the Ring was about a girl, who was left in a well to die. The presentation of the movie was great as well because it invited the viewers to keep watching for hours as it provides glimpses of the VHS? contents, which featured the well and is haunted. Lastly, the final moment made the fans feel like they are the next victim as the long-haired girl crawls out from the well and walks towards the TV.

On the other hand, the Rings trailer started with a woman panicking because a girl is walking towards her from the television. She unplugged all the appliances but the TV would not turn off, and eventually a hand reached out to create the idea that the woman is going to die.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WOH3ORdVmk8]

The next scenario would signify the huge difference between the 2002 film and the upcoming horror movie. As mentioned above, the haunted girl only appears through the VHS, which has to be copied from one tape to another. This manual process of targeting one individual at a time lent to the original movie a suspended horror that made us feel we?re cherry picked, isolated, then attacked helplessly. Why me? But in the 2016 film, the video is already available online that makes it available to more viewers, dampening the scare impact because everybody is randomly targeted by Samara anyway. In short, you?re made not to feel special in the new movie.

What makes it funny is the thought that even ghosts are coping with the technology in our world. The first two movies featured the story of a haunted VHS, but now, the video has already reached the internet. Although it somehow makes sense because the VHS is already off the market and they have to do the changes to make it more realistic, the reboot should always stick to the original plot because it is what the fans want to see once more.

How about you? Based on the Rings trailer, do you think the movie would be as effective as the first two films? Or, will the fans hate it because of the changes in the plot? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. The movie is scheduled to hit the theaters on October 28, 2016.

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