Rihanna Flexes Social Media Muscle

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RihannaRihanna is one of the stars that have conquered all forms of mass media. She is one of the most successful and popular singers in both radio and television. She has co-starred in a string of hit movies under her belt. She is also acclaimed as one of the stalwarts in the social media world.

Rihanna Queen of Social Media

Back in 2012, she was recognized as one of Forbes? Social Networking Superstars. She has 37 million Twitter followers and that has clout in the social media world. She flexed her social media muscle back in 2014, when she angrily tweeted the decision of CBS to pull her video ?Run This Town? from its ?Thursday Night Football? opening billboard.

That decision came after then Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Rice was suspended by the NFL for punching his wife. Do remember that Rihanna was a victim of physical abuse then at the hands of ex-boyfriend Chris Brown.

She tweeted, ?CBS you pulled my song last week, now you wanna slide it back in this Thursday? NO (deleted word) you! Y?all are sad for penalizing me for this.?

She also used social media for her causes, such as her donation to the victims of the typhoon in the Philippines, as well as her cat fights, most notably with pop singer Ciara.

Rihanna Launches New Album

Now she is again using social media, this time on the social media platform Tidal. She premiered her new music video ?American Oxygen?.
Tidal is the new music streaming service of rap mogul Jay-Z, where the Barbados born singer is also one of the major investors. The video features the highs and the lows of American history, such as the Sept. 11 Twin Towers attack, the assassination of Martin Luther King, race riots to the inauguration of the first African American president Barack Obama Jr.
Rihanna teased the public earlier with a cryptic Instagram message which read, ? and with it a link to her website. The photo included in the Instagram message showed a topless Rihanna wearing only a leather jacket made up with Frida Kahlo styled eyebrows. Now the speculation has been verified, with Tidal at the forefront of the new music from Rihanna.

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