Rihanna And Drake Dating? Their Awkward VMA Kiss May Hold The Secret

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For seven years or more, Drake and Rihanna have been teasing us with their alleged romance. Rumors about them dating have been in our orbits for longer than we could imagine. And, it looks like the two had just blessed fans with a much awaited confirmation that they really are dating. The awkward kiss that Drake and Rihanna shared during the MTV Video Music Awards seems to hold the secret.

Drake recently announced at the MTV event that he has been in love with Rihanna since he was in his early twenties. The 29-year-old hitmaker admitted his true feelings for the whole world to know while presenting her with the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award on Sunday night.

After his revelations, Drake leans in to kiss Rihanna. It was noticeable that Rihanna was suddenly shy after Drake?s sweet gesture. By the time Drake was about to hand the award to Rihanna, he intended to kiss her on the lips. But the “Diamonds” singer literally turned the other cheek.

But just when everybody thinks that Drake was not able to reach Rihanna?s lips, we think Drake was able to kiss his love on the lips after all. This video from Twitter user @Un_Apologetic is proof.


Drake and Rihanna Look Like Newly-Weds

Seriously, Drake and Rihanna?s kiss at the VMA looks like a ?just married? scenario. Several attendees of the event even thought that Drake will propose to the blushing Rihanna that night.

The first time that the rumored couple allegedly hook-up was at Lucky Strike bowling alley in New York in May 2009. In November 2009, Rihanna insisted in a radio interview that she and Drake are just friends. However, several fans do not believed her and the majority still doubt until today.

In addition, Drake and Rihanna?s performances together seem so real. Perhaps they could be playing and doing it well in their concerts. It could also mean something else might be going on, like Drake and Rihanna dating. Their kiss at the VMA says it all.

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