Right Before E3 2014, Microsoft’s Kinect-less Xbox One Goes On Sale For $ 399.99

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Microsoft now offering Kinect-less Xbox One for a lower price

As promised, Microsoft has already begun offering their new Kinect-less Xbox One consoles. It is now available in the Microsoft Store and in Amazon for $ 399.99. In the UK online store, it?s available for ? 349.99. It can be noted that the console now has the same price range as Sony?s PlayStation 4 ? the main console rival of the Xbox One.

For buyers of the Kinect-less Xbox One who would later want to add Kinect to those consoles, Microsoft announced that a standalone Kinect sensor will be available sometime during this year?s fall season. The price of the device is not yet confirmed.

It was in May that the mega tech company revealed their plans of presenting a Kinect-less Xbox One to the market. They are optimistic that the price reduction will make the new version of their console more competitive, sales-wise. At present, the PS4 is the most successful console in the market. The Xbox One was able to reach the five-million sales target as of April 2014, but the PS4 has already been sold seven million times by March 2014.

A lower-priced Kinect-less Xbox One is not the only card that Microsoft will use to challenge Sony?s domination. The company declared earlier that Xbox Live Gold members are no longer required to use Netflix. They also said that beginning in June, Xbox owners will be able to enjoy several entertainment apps even without Xbox Live Gold membership. Dozens of entertainment apps will also be available to owners of Xbox 360 and Xbox One via their June system update.

The new Kinect-less Xbox One console

The new Kinect-less Xbox One console

Many PS4 fans believe that Microsoft?s Xbox One is the weaker game console, especially in the graphics department. But they may have to rethink that belief as Microsoft has something in store with their new Kinect-less Xbox One consoles. Xbox Head Phil Spencer tweeted last week that there will be new developer kits that will allow game developers to access more GPU power from the console.

Microsoft confirmed that the increased GPU performance of the Kinect-less Xbox One is not because a new hardware is added, but rather due to the removal of Kinect that results to the freedom of more GPU reserves. These additional reserves will increase the console?s GPU performance to up to 10 percent, resulting to considerably better graphics.

Aside from the release of these Kinect-less Xbox One consoles, Microsoft will probably have more Xbox One-related announcements during its E3 2014 press conference. This event will begin on Monday at 9:30 am PST. Meanwhile, Sony?s own press conference will kick off later that day at 6:00 pm PST.


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