Rideshare the Love: Story Moyd’s Uber Dating Game Jumps From YouTube to Mainstream

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Rideshare to Love

Speed dating just got a whole lot fun as Stroy Moyd, the Oakland-based comedian and part-time Uber driver offers more than a ride across town. The self-produced video entitled Rideshare the Love made noises in early 2016 and gained Moyd the recognition and fame he deserves.

The video clip Rideshare the Love that went viral in 2016 is now on its way to mainstream media.

The Rideshare the Love Mechanics

The concept of Rideshare the Love is rather simple; Moyd picks up two potential suitors for a speed date of sorts while driving across town.

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Participants are picked by Moyd after placing ads on various social media sites. The friend of the participant then sets up a time and place so Moyd will be near when the friend sends an Uber request.

The mechanics, according to TechCrunch, involves a single woman or man who will sit wearing an eye mask then asks two competing suitors some fun questions. Before the first stop, the blindfolded party has to choose who he or she prefers and Moyd will drive them off to their first date.

Rideshare the Love

The winner can choose to go with the date or choose the cash prize instead if they don?t feel the love.

The road to mainstream of Rideshare the Love

The Rideshare the Love video made itself famous on YouTube, which led to the video going viral in early 2016. Originally making its first appearance in Worldstar Hip Hop, the video is now set to conquer mainstream all thanks to Monami Entertainment.

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Rideshare the Love will be up for network, cable or online distribution in 2017.

Rideshare the Love is sure to make it big time in 2017 as singles will definitely enjoy the game and the prizes. Even more, Singles will get a chance to meet the love of their life courtesy of Rideshare the Love.

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