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Ride your bike safely and confidently with the most caring bicycle helmet on the market

This smart helmet helps bike-riding commuters avoid and prevent city accidents, especially during nighttime.

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Bicycle commuters need to have a helmet rated for rider protection against potentially greater impact forces and one that can prevent potential city accidents now that e-bikes and speed pedelecs reach speeds of up to 28 mph (45 km/h). Lumos Kickstart may be the perfect safety provider that we need.

Lumos Kickstart is an NTA 8776 certified helmet that can protect the wearer against higher impact speeds and covers a larger part of the head than the conventional bike helmets.

With over 500 lumens of output and 360˚ visibility, this helmet flashes bright lights enough to make you visible to car riders as the helmet lights will be noticeable no matter where you’re coming from. This light also acts as a signal light by highlighting your intentions, so the traffic around you know which direction you are turning or if you will be doing a hard stop.

This light’s flashing pattern is customizable when you pair your helmet with the Lumos Companion App. You can even check its battery life, track activity, and sync with Strava and Apple Health.

From the 22 vents, down to the sweating-wicking material for the inner padding, Lumos Kickstart is made with careful and thoughtful choices to make your ride as enjoyable as possible.


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