?Ride With Norman Reedus? Show Not Possible If Daryl Dixon Rode A Horse In TWD

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AMC?s new motorcycle show, Ride With Norman Reedus, will not be possible if his character, Daryl Dixon, rode a horse in The Walking Dead. It can still work with the same title, only he?s riding a horse, but you know?it would never be the same. Daryl on a motorcycle has been a staple in TWD.

Originally, producers of the zombie drama wanted his brother, Merle Dixon (Michael Rooker) to ride a motorcycle and Daryl to ride a horse. But Reedus had a difficult time controlling a horse for a previous role and explained this to producers which convinced them to let him ride a motorcycle instead, Comicbook reports.

In a recent interview on Tuesday night?s episode of Conan, Reedus talked about his fear of horses and how a motorcycle is really the right ride for him. Well, he wouldn?t be the same Daryl we know and love without his motorcycle, right? He would be a totally different character if he were on a horse.

Reedus told Conan that he was afraid of horses ?with their big eyeballs? And they can smell your fear. And all that stuff.?

He continued about his previous role involving horses and how he wound up on a motorcycle in TWD, ?I?m sure everyone can smell my fear. But then I did this movie with Robert Redford in order called ?The Conspirator? and I was supposed to pull up on a horse and yell at people and be real tough and the horse went like this like it knew what I was doing and about two seconds into it the horse would just start to like trot backward and get in single file line with the other horses. And I could hear Redford screaming ?someone handle Norman?s horse!? And I?m going to get fired off this job. And I just?I thought?I thought the same thing. When I read that in ?The Walking Dead? script whose motorcycle is that? And they?re like it?s your brother Merle?s. If Merle could ride a motorcycle, Daryl probably knows how to ride a motorcycle. I spun it into that.?

Reedus? fear of horses turned out to be a good thing because in a zombie apocalypse, you need to be able to run faster, and a person on a horse means more flesh and will attract walkers more. You will also ?have to sacrifice your horse eventually if the zombies catch up.

See the synopsis of the show below: (via Comicbook)

Ride with Norman Reedus follows actor and motorcycle enthusiast Reedus as he takes viewers on a ride on the open road to explore local biker culture and its history and celebrate some of the best and brightest collectors, mechanics and motorcycle craftsmen around the country. Each episode of Ride will begin in a different city where Reedus and his riding companion ? a fellow actor, musician, friend, or local chopper fanatic who shares his passion for motorcycles ? will journey to a new destination. Along the way, they will stop at various locales such as custom bike shops, tattoo parlors, collector?s warehouses, or a roadside smokehouse? with plenty of time for unplanned detours and tire changes. The series will also showcase different types of motorcycles each week, including vintage, minis and cruisers.

Catch Ride With Norman Reedus, Sundays, 10/9c on AMC. The Walking Dead Season 7 premieres in October.

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