Rick And Morty VR? Watch Show Creator Draws, Riffs Doodles

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A Rick and Morty VR is possibly in the works for the Cartoon Network show as creator and voice actor, Justin Roiland, recently drew some VR clips in the social VR platform, AltspaceVR.

Roiland, along with Rick and Morty storyboard artist Erica Hayes, were guests at an AltspaceVR virtual gathering where people can watch the creator as he draws and riffs doodles live, Road To VR reports. Although there were some technical troubles during the live sketch, Roiland was able to handle the setbacks and even riffed as the title characters of his cartoon while the technical issues were being resolved. But eventually, he had to leave the platform when he realized that he was late for a business call.

After Roiland?s brief yet fun appearance at the VR platform, there?s one thing fans are dying to know?is he planning a Rick and Morty VR version soon? If he is, then fans will definitely be psyched!

Roiland is very enthusiastic when it comes to engaging into virtual reality, and having a VR version of the popular cartoon for adults will be pretty cool. It is largely possible that he is already exploring on this new medium for the show using Steam?s HTC Vive VR headset.

Recent tweets from the creator show how he is just going absolutely crazy over VR, e.g. ?Oh god VR. Oh god. Oh god VR. Oh god. Oh my god VR. Oh god VR. Please. Oh god please VR. Oh my god VR please. Oh god VR? and ?Playing @htcvive with @DoubleFine Kinect party playing in the background. Slowly rotting to death as time eats away at our bodies and minds.?

Meanwhile, it appears that the RAM crew is also trying something out for the show as Roiland tweeted a picture of Hayes using the headset with the caption, ?RAM crew are starting to create in @tiltbrush on the @htcvive but I just hope @EricaHayes87 doesn’t break her neck.?

Looks like Roiland and the RAM crew are having fun in their VR experiments and it will be totally awesome if a Rick and Morty VR will come out soon.

In the meantime, catch Rick and Morty Season 3, expected to be released later this year on Cartoon Network.

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