Rick And Morty VR Game Coming To HTC Vive? Latest Details About It

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Rick and Morty VR
Rick and Morty VR

Adult Swim?s science fiction series Rick and Morty is getting its very own VR game which is coming first to HTC Vive. The VR game, dubbed as Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality, is being developed by Owlchemy Labs, the Austin game developers behind Job Simulator.

The 15 second teaser that debuted a few day back shows us a VR-view of Rick?s garage-laboratory, where a bunch of classic items from the series — including the Meseeks box, a Plumbus and a business card from space assassin Krombopulos Michael — were revealed.

The game looks similar to Job Simulator, but rather is skinned with some cool Rick and Morty things. ?It?s actually the perfect overlap,? Owlchemy Labs’ Alex Schwartz told Polygon. ?The game takes place in Rick?s garage, and instantly you would associate all the things that are great about Job Simulator, all the near-field interactions … Rick?s garage is filled with tons of stuff to play with. Chemistry sets and just boxes of things on the shelves. Elements from the show. It?s fully crammed in there.?

The Rick and Morty VR game was first demonstrated at the Adult Swim?s panel at the?San Diego Comic-Con. The demo at the Comic-Con panel revealed further details on the VR game that is exclusively coming to HTC Vive. Though the demo was just five minutes long, developers essentially outlined the ideas that would likely be built into the game, reports The Wired.

The player is a Morty clone created in the family garage and in the demo, Rick tells the clone to move laundry from a basket to a washing machine and turn it on. After the pair leave for a mission, the clone can teleport around the room?which expands the explorable space for the Vive.

In the lab itself players can interact with everything, including a Meeseeks Box, a plumbus, and Rick?s laser, which goes into ?safety mode? whenever it?s picked up?meaning it shoots wildly and can?t be stopped. Also, it seems once the game builds you?ll also be able to jump through portals to presumably explore other planets and dimensions in the full game.

Justin Roiland, co-creator of the Rick and Morty series, was revealed to be the brain behind the game. Roiland, being an VR enthusiast and fan of Job Simulator, invited the development team of Owlchemy Labs to his home where the idea of Rick and Morty VR was born.

There?s is no timetable for a release date of Rick and Morty VR game as of yet, nor is there any information regarding the possible length of the game. But since the television show it is based on already has 21 episodes, there is pretty much a lot of stuff for the game to include.

In related news, Adult Swim also previewed video of Rick and Morty Season 3 as a?part of the SDCC2016 and you can catch the latest updates for next season here.

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