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?Rick And Morty? Season 3 Release Date: Is It Really Possible In July?

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It seems fans are going to have to wait longer for the Rick and Morty Season 3 release date. It was reported last time that the Season 3 premiere will be sometime in 2016. Many reports though have speculated that it will be this July. This speculation apparently has some wishful thinking mixed in it. Now, with other media reports plus the updates from the production team, a July schedule looks a little off. We do not know for sure yet, but this is a probabilistic guess and a little warning saying ?Don?t count too much on it.? Here are some reasons why.

The team is still in its recording phase and it may take a while for them to finish the animations. The production team seems to be on track for a 2016 release date but it?s too much of a pressure for them to premiere Season 3 this July.

The same thing has been pointed out by a Reddit user, DavenportCabinet. The user suggested that the Rick and Morty Season 3 release date will not be on July 26 as a lot of people believed.

Another cryptic tweet came from the team that hints at a little delay–30 minutes.

This could hint of a slight bump in the production. Some fans though thought it was going to premiere that day, to their disappointment. Some, according to MovieNewsGuide, equated the 30 minutes to 30 days and concluded that the Rick and Morty Season 3 release date will be July 30–something that is a little way off the line. In a Rick and Morty universe, this might be possible (it?s a cartoon, almost everything is possible) but in our world, it is likely that ?30 minutes longer? might just mean just that.

It could just be that some show or shows airing before Rick and Morty extended their running times that the wait would take literally ?30 minutes longer? than expected by the team. We do know for a fact that we just do not know. Signs just point out that a Rick and Morty Season 3 release date this July is less likely.

Stay tuned for more Rick and Morty Season 3 release date news and updates.

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